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Isaphan 17th c lame and silve Georgian stomacher

What I love most about antique textiles is the bit of soul and story they bring into your home. When an exquisite piece of fabric I’ve found finally arrives, I would send a few photos of the piece over to Magdalene and then we’d start to imagine the possibilities. Invariably we name the pieces so we can talk in shorthand. Above is a 17th c silver lame brocade which we refer to as “the tassel piece” …or “Ispahan”…evoking for me old Damask roses growing in the walled gardens of ancient Persia. And the “Georgian”…referring to the 18th century silver embroidered piece I found in Ireland. Part of a large panel…the pieces were to have made up the various parts of a court gown…including the stomacher piece above. This would have been pinned to the stays and served as the focal point at the front of the gown.

The "georgian" 18th c silver embroidery


Detail of the beautifully aged silver …


Georgian 18th c silver embroidery


As a collector, I am often loath to let things go. The above piece is staying firmly in my cupboard!

You can see some of the pieces Magdalene has managed to talk me out of on the Pillows et Plus Facebook site here

French Kissed and I are up to our elbows in dye for The French Market Summer next month….will show you some beautiful dyes linens soon…

Have  lovely weekend!