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18th century French Style

Lillian William’s flat in 1990′s New York…

A chateau apartment…a stop over on her quest to import

a great deal of 18th century France to the West Coast for her once

and forever fabulous, but now closed,  “La Vie de Soleil” shop in

San Francisco. I might have to blame my fascination with the 18th century

France on that wonderful fairy tale place..

Antique Swedish box

My collected group of French antique papers

in a robin’s egg blue 19th century Swedish box…

Ebay and auction purchases…the “Vente” paper from

French Country Home‘s burgeoning boutique here

Acquiring tangible bits of the past…one at a time…

French Script collage art

I do enjoy fooling around with copies of the script

and 18th century prints…like this heavily worked up coiffure…

From Love Letters post here

If you can imagine just how messy this process was…

you’ll understand the need for the textile below…

antique French textile

This c. 1790 Ladies powdering jacket

was auctioned of at Kerry Taylor auctions here

More at my Hairdressing post here

French 18th century antiques

Lillian William’s collection of ladies necessities…

Embroidered pocketbooks and buckles…

fans, thimbles and embossed metal sewing kit…

antique paste buckles

From earlier post More Finds here

Enjoying the 18th century from a safe,

well lit and less over-dressed perspective…

part of my own collection of antique buckles…

Antique French prints

More from Lillian Williams New York apartment…

circa 1990 World of Interiors ….

Walls mimicking the bright, saturated colors of the time…

Lillian, a passionate self taught expert on 18th century France,

was consulted for the gorgeous Dangerous Liaison’s film

with Glenn Close, John Malkovich and Michelle Pfeiffer…

which I hope everyone has seen…

Trouvaus auction item

18th century French chandelier

at recent auction…

I actually bid on this before realizing it was a mite too big for my office….

but the candlelight over my desktop would have been lovely….

18th century style

French Chateau doors…19th century…made for the theater?

Ambiance Antiques at 1stdibs


I’m only telling you about these because I have given up figuring

out where I could sneak these in….they’re up for grabs…

Many earlier posts on Lillian Williams here

From A La Refurb du Temps Perdu text Carol Prisant,

photography Michael Mundy World of Interiors 9/90

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