Paris Apartment 2

Claudia Strasser’s The Paris Apartment

has been a mainstay on my “favorites” blog list

for several years…

Paris Apt blog

Clearly, we have the same triggers…

librarychandelierversailles Paris Apt, blog

the same “ah” moments…

Paris Apartment 3

A potential competitor if the price was right

and the goods scarce…

Paris Apartment 4

We’d probably stop at the same Flea market stalls…

The Paris Apartment 3

and until I get there…

her posts on “French Flea” are the next best thing…

The Paris Apartment 4

Click here for more gorgeous walls

including a Claudia filmed tour of

L’Hôtel de Soubise

The Paris Apartment book 3

In her book Claudia takes us through the steps

from inspiration…

and gathering materials….

The Paris Apartment book 5

To installation…

This is from James Salon

The Paris Apartment.2

I was thrilled to get my signed The Paris Apartment

book…between the book, and the search function on her blog

(try “Paris Flea”)…I am lost in reverie…

PS…Claudia has some beautiful new

script fabric in her boutique here

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